Sound Visions - Préludes I by Claude Debussy

"Sound Visions" play with the senses of the audience. Tim Ovens plays Préludes of the French composer Claude Debussy (1862-1918). Additionaly there are images of a mystic landscape, street sceneries from South America, braking waves, colours. Films, slides and texts become screened.

The Argentinean photographer Mauricio Bustamente and the Basque cameraman Jon Casado work with one video and six slide projectors: in the rhythm of the music the pictures go one into another, become blurred, put in layers one upon the other. Additionaly poems and texts, which did stimulate Debussy to his music.

Sound Visions - a concert experience, which makes music visible. The contrast of light and shadow, the play with pictures and films emphasizes the effect of the musical impressions. Sounds and pictures become intertwined with each other.

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