HuashanThe Playing of Drum and
Bamboo Flute in the Sunset

Ma Xiao Hui, Erhu
Tim Ovens, Piano

Cloudy peaks, single mountain pines. In the sunset one can hear  the dull  beats of a drum. From far away a bamboo flute gives an melancholical answer. The Chinese Art is determined by wide landscapes. Traditional Chinese music copies these pictures - with sounds.

Ma Xiao Hui, one of the best and most famous erhu players all of Asia, and Tim Ovens met in spring 1996 in China. They decided to combine the erhu, this traditional Chinese two-stringed instrument, with the western piano, and bring these Chinese pictures with music to life.

  Putao Shu Le              Videos at Youtube

Several big Chinese radio and television broadcast stations immediately raised their interest and within few days it came to several recordings which were welcomed by the public with enthusiasm.

As a result the two musicians decided to meet every year for concert tours. In Germany they are regular guests at the greatest music-festivals, among many others at the "Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival", the "Dresdner Musikfestspiele" or the "Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele". The press praises, how astonishing these two from such different cultures originated musicians can come to this much-admired unity. The "two exceptional artists made true with their musicality and their technical superiority, what one nearly would not have expected to be possible: ... they did not present a crossover-experiment, but just captivating music." (Saale Zeitung, Kissinger Musiksommer 2006) The CD "Birds Singing in Lonesome Mountains" became published at CordAria (including a music video, playable on a PC).

Ma Xiao Hui and Tim Ovens perform western as well as old and new Chinese music, both as a duet as well as soloistic. The actual program presents works of Robert Schumann, Bela Bartok, Cesar Cui, Igor Strawinsky and renowned Chinese composers..

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